Yaporigami Loops 2.0


Review of the last release "Loops 1.0" .

・Cyclic Defrost Magazine- "a must have for the ADD generation."

・foxy digitalis - "Like a dance record cultivated in the dark, nurtured away from conventional genre expectations, ‘Loops 1.0′ is a strange proposition and one free of the lazy club/headphone dichotomy often found in electronic music . An anomalous and sometimes great collection."

・Speedbass – “Especially recommended if you like raster-noton.”

All tracks by Yaporigami
Produced by Yaporigami
Mastered by Yu Miyashita
Artwork by Yoshichika Ishibashi

cat# : Hz-007
Format: MP3, 320kbps, 89.5MB
Released: 28 DEC 2011

PV. Lasal

Graphic programmer and interaction designer, VJ and computer artist based in Berlin.


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Hz-records is an independent music label that is based in Tokyo, Japan created by Pakchee and wk[es] in 2010.

The label was launched to aim "From Tokyo, making a new music scene and producing new artists who will represent 2010′s in music”.

They act as pioneers of Tokyo Electronica scene by which they distribute music CS, online release and organise live events and DTM software workshops.


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Yu Miyashita creates beat orientated music under the name of Yaporigami.
His primary focus is using micro-sampled sounds.

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